Inheritance Tax & Trust

Keeping the wealth you’ve earned in your family

You have worked hard all your life and now you have a nice house, a decent pension, some investments, and some savings in the bank. But if your wealth is above £325,000 (Nil Rate Band 2021/2022), unless you do some planning now, 40 percent of anything beyond that figure goes to the government.

There are several legal ways to avoid high tax burdens on the wealth you’ve earned. If your estate is above that threshold, this isn’t something to put off for the future. The richest Britons tend to pay the least in taxes, and that is because they plan well and plan in advance. It doesn’t cost much to sort out.

Inheritance tax planning & Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

"Rules governing inheritance tax and trusts are very complicated, and each person’s tax position is dictated by their individual circumstances. Speak to an Alexander House Financial Planning adviser today to discuss your options."

There are a number of legal means to reduce your marginal tax burden. Alexander House Financial Planning can help you explore your options.

  • Small annual payments within certain limits
  • Large gifts and potentially exempt transfers (PETs)
  • Spousal allowances
  • Life assurances written under the appropriate trust
  • And other options

Equity Release

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