We are all reluctant to change when it comes to our pensions. We have saved for most of our livesand made sacrifices to save up towards our retirement. I have been putting money away since theage of 25 and now I’m 58. I`m by no means wealthy and started my career as a labourer and rose tobe a Director of my own company. I’m currently a Health and Safety Manager for a large Logisticsgroup in Manchester.

Last year I thought about my pension as I’m looking for phased retirement from the age of sixty-oneand becoming a Health and safety consultant to work part time. We all hear of pension scams andthis can frighten us all into not making the change from existing providers. I was one of those.So, I did some research and Alexander House Financial Planning came up. I looked on companies house to check themout and they are a well-established company on financial advice. I also checked the FCA and they areregistered with them so I knew I was in relatively safe hands. My advice, check and double checkbefore you hand over your pension and Alexander House Financial Planning came up good in my checks.

I contacted Alexander House Financial Planning and Sham Ahmed then contacted myself. His professionalism wassecond to none. He took me through my finances step by step and indeed uncovered facts about myexisting pension and other finances I did not know about or indeed consider. He looked at myincome and outgoings including down to buying newspaper and magazines! Things you don’t eventhink about! He completed spread sheets and portfolios, and gave advice to the best course for mypension to help in my phased retirement plan.

The spread sheets and portfolios explaining different options and his advice helped me immenselywhile transferring over with the differing options he made available. Of note. Alexander House Financial Planning doesnot take money directly from yourself for this service or handle any of your money whatsoever.Their fee comes from the investment platform. Alexander House Financial Planning recommend what is most suitablefor your pension and finances and all within your needs.

So the natural fear factor we all have of moving our pension and of the scammers out there, to makemore and work for yourself, Alexander House Financial Planning and their representative Sham Ahmed helped takethat away and explained the process concisely and professionally and they are a well-establishedcompany.

I highly recommend Alexander House Financial Planning and especially one of their advisors Sham Ahmed when yourmaking this very life important decision on your retirement and investments. What they have donewill help me go towards my goal of phased retirement and the reward it entails with all the yearsand very many hours in each role I have worked hard at. We all deserve that break after workingand paying taxes and “done our bit”

DW, Manchester