“I had been considering the best options for pension plans which I had invested in for several years. Having read about the various scams, I was nervous about engaging with potential companies who had little or no idea.

Initially I approached the company who I had the largest plan with for some general assistance / information - not advice. They were poor and loathe to enter into any discussion which might be classed as advice and sent reams of paper - still did not address the issue.

A company I had met with previously during my working life, were sent some generic information and asked to provide as to whether they could advise. They phoned, said they would book appointment for me. A week later, somebody who was very hesitant phoned to say they could help and that his assistant would phone over next couple of days to book me in!! Why didn’t he just do it? That put me off straight away.

Pension Wise then popped up in my news feed. Entered a few details and Sham's detail along with others were there. Sham responded within an hour or so, booked in and ready to go.

Throughout each stage Sham contacted me, talked me through and explained actions in detail and worked at my speed. Information was left and I was not continually contacted - that is great for me.

Sham was professional, knowledgeable and very easy to chat with. Any information I requested i.e. about Quilter, FCA registration etc was responded to quickly.

All round superb service”

IS, Cheshire